Gio’s Sayings – Culled from his Facebook

All this time I thought the true issue was about disclosure of extraterrestrial life. It never was about that. It was always about the oil.

Buy gold! Just a gram a month will do it’s only $56 a gram!

Rubber bung fell into one of the jars and I had to spend all morning trying to fish it out with a coat hanger -_-; ‘dem kids giving me a hard time.

1. Any girl who wants to be my girlfriend must have an ambition to do Kung Fu with me. That is dead certain.

Keep your eyes to the skies.

Someday, far in the future, people will remember the struggles of deaf people fighting a world of ignorance and equate them to the likes of the great battles for civil rights, and against slavery.

Stay happy

If I had my guitar I’d play me some blues.


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