Message from a grateful father

Thank you for your love, your prayers and the outpouring of your own grief. You, so many from all parts of the globe, overwhelm us with your caring.

I have pieced together a significant portion of the narrative, including the inciting events that set everything in motion and the domino effects that ensued. It is unimaginable, akin to Greek tragedy. Today it seems my heart will never mend. The void is not an empty one – it is solid, palpable. The gentle innocence of my boy in the face of ignorance weighs the universe on my chest and allows no secession of my endless grief. May Gianni’s passing initiate change and elevate awareness, his brilliance, his relentless inquiries into the nature of life, his creativity and love — in all of its forms, deserves no less.

(as I always signed off to my precious Gianni)


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