An Entry from my Journal to Gianni, written on November 17, 1997

(To Gianni:)

 Happy Mother’s Day to your beautiful wife:


CONTINUED:  from dad — Scanning journal entries, it’s supposed to happen the other way around:

Dad’s Journal Entry: 17, Nov. 1997 – (Gianni was 6 years-old):

Back to this journal, after months of computer thinking, journal thinking. Maybe closure. Maybe something of love. I’ve spent two months in Rochester — away from Terrylene and Gio. When I returned, walking down the movable hallway… Seeing Gio’s wondrous face… his smile saying, recognizing: “DADDY!” Continued in his expression – is/was ALL that I AM. In a moment — a child sees in me, him… me, my life. my/our time together and God be with me on my own deathbed – that I will part from this wonderful child, who is a man already.


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