Can I Tell You Something?

Can I Tell You Something?

A Message from First Cousin, Pearlene Utley

Landing back home from a long week on a Beachbody cruise, I took out my phone and learned that my 23 year old young cousin died suddenly. Nobody wants to hear this kind of news… EVER!
I became really scared at the fact that anybody can die anytime including our precious children. The month of April 2014 was all about embracing his beautiful gentleness even thought he had struggled with mental health issues in his last few months which reminds me…

Every minute is to be embraced.

If you ever feel struggle, be sure to quickly ask for help and learn everything you can about your issue(s) so that you KNOW for sure you are not the only one. You will discover ideas and solutions. You will need to reach out even though it feels awkward to tell somebody that you might have a problem and that you are not happy but you don’t know why.

Talking about it helps you figure it out eventually.

Reaching out leads to action… with community support.

Mental health solutions will be more accessible if you or someone open up and allow support to come in and elevate you.

So, this whole experience of losing a family member and feeling strong fear of being able to lose anybody at anytime makes me want to reach out to…


and let you know that I am here for you all without any judgment or bias. I know failure, I know struggles and I know triumphs do pay each person their visits so keep your chin up and tell yourself that days will be better. You are not alone.

Please know I am here to listen to you and support you anyway I can.

If I am not doing a good job of supporting you, please let me know how I can support you better. Each person likes to be supported differently, which is a beautiful thing in this universe!

Every moment is a beautiful gift.

Do me a favor and be a beacon of hope for everybody you encounter. You will never know how you will save their lives. They might not know it either. Smallest acts can be forever in full gratitude!

Learn more about him here…


One thought on “Can I Tell You Something?

  1. I took this picture of Gianni at Santa Monica beach. Little did I know then, that the image would become iconic. Through my eyes, captured in this moment — my love for him and his radiant nature. Quintessential Gianni, shines through. We often walked together, both with cameras in hand. On this day I did not have my camera so I asked if I could use his. I turned the camera on him. It was a simple, comfortable day between us, as we walked along the shoreline. I miss him terribly. And love him “infinity plus one”


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